Static files

Handling static files

Most applications include numerous static files such as images, js, css and more. To support this requirement the Beego project skeleton incorporates folders for these files by default.

├── static
│   ├── css
│   ├── img
│   └── js

Beego registers the static directory as the static path by default. Registered rule: URL prefix with directory mapping

StaticDir["/static"] = "static"

You can register multiple static directories. For example two different download directories, download1 and download2, can be set using:

web.SetStaticPath("/down1", "download1")
web.SetStaticPath("/down2", "download2")

Visiting the URL http://localhost/down1/123.txt will request the file 123.txt in the download1 directory. To remove the default /static -> static mapping use web.DelStaticPath("/static").


To implement this in a Web Application register the Static directory to your routes.go files

web.SetStaticPath("/down1", "download1")

Once the file is save it can be accessed from the browser.